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What is Arts Therapy?

Creative Arts Therapy is is based on the belief that creativity enhances the well-being of all people and is inherent in all cultures and human experiences.  Within a therapeutic relationship with a trained therapist experiential psychotherapeutic approaches use a mixture of creative modalities for experiential psychotherapeutic processes. Creative Arts Therapy is based on a holistic view of health – attending to emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual well-being – which aligns well with indigenous models of health and well-being.

I am not creative or good at art, is this still for me?

We have been given messages by society that art is only what hangs in Art Galleries. This is only one type of art and even these humans needed to start somewhere.  You do not need to be trained in painting to pick up a brush and make a mark on a page, even making your lunch is an act of creativity.  The aim in Creative Arts Therapy is to use the creative modalities and mediums to give ourselves another way to communicate with ourselves, and sometimes the outside world.  A communication that does not rely only on words.

How long does each therapy session take?

Therapy sessions usually last about 45-60 minutes.  Group sessions can last up to 3 hours.

What is your personal approach?

My approach uses compassion, mindfulness and somatic awareness practices alongside creative modalities.  You do not need to know anything about mindfulness, or art.  The space we create together is inclusive, accepting and safe. I believe that we all have an inner wisdom that can be accessed through building awareness and creativity is a way to do this. I companion you along your journey of discovery, by inviting you to remain curious and open to new discoveries along the way. I am essentially your guide on an adventure of reconnection with your authentic self.

I am an artist, writer, dancer, creative and feel stuck in my process.  Can this help me?

If you are looking for someone to help you move forward in the creative process you are struggling with, my companioning services may be what you need.  This is a slightly less formal therapeutic space, that aims to reignite curiosity and passion for your chosen medium/modality.

Where exactly are you located?

I am located in Island Bay, Wellington.  I work out of my home.  I also have the capacity to come to you if needed. Contact me to discuss options.

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