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Mandala Assessments

MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument)

I am currently the only one trained in using the MARI tool in New Zealand.  You can find more information about MARI at the official website (see link below).  MARI can be done as a stand alone assessment, and can give you great information and feedback about where you find yourself in life at this moment and what may help you move forward.  Each assessment is done in two parts.  The initial session takes approximately 30 minutes for mandala creation and then working with the symbol and colour cards.  I then create your MARI profile and consider your results.  The second session takes 30-45 minutes for me to present the results and work to find some actions you can take moving forward.

The two sessions and MARI Assessment document you receive are available for $250, unless you are currently a private client and are interested in doing this assessment as part or your work with me.

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