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Meditation Recordings

Available on Soundcloud through these links.


Affectionate Breath meditation.

20 minutes


Setting an Intention

11 minutes

Loving-Kindness for a Loved One

15 minutes


Giving and Receiving Compassion

20 minutes


Loving-Kindness for Ourselves

15 minutes

unnamed (1).jpg

Compassionate Body Scan

40 minutes


Breathing Yin and Yang Energies

18 minutes


Meditations from Circles of Practice

Below you will find audio recordings of meditations I have led during Circles of Practice.  This is a weekly volunteer position I hold, offering meditations from the MSC programme and on the themes of MSC.  These recordings are done live and may contain some background noises.  If you have taken MSC please consider joining us for the circle.  Applications can be made on the Center for MSC website.

Creative MSC Break Meditaiton

This meditation moves through the elements of self-compassion breaks.  Tender, and three Fierce (Motivating, protecting and providing).  It was inspired by the poem, "The Only Thing That Makes Sense" by Julia Fehrenbacher.

Watch this Space

Another meditation will be added soon.

Watch this Space

Another meditation will be added soon.
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